One cat goes missing but, to the relief of everyone, is quickly found

We had an interesting moment this morning when I realized that I hadn't seen Sparrow (one of our two cats) in quite a while. Hmm, thought I. Where could she be?

Well, our apartment is not big, so after we checked the closets, bed, nooks and crannies and so on, our search fueled by occasional plaintive mews from somewhere unidentifiable, we began to get a little worried. I was even set to peek outside on the odd and alarming chance that she might have somehow gotten out, when Mitch noticed that Gunner (other cat) was pawing at my dresser.

Mitch opened the drawer and found a wide-eyed Sparrow nestled in among my socks. Sheesh. At least it wasn't the oven or the dryer.

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Rogue said...

*falls on floor laughing*

our kitten, Kiki, likes to get herself hopelessly lost and buried in my dirty laundry hamper. i completely empathize.