Mrs. Crunch sings at the top of her lungs

Hello. My name is Thea, and my husband plays World of Warcraft.

(Now is when you all chime in and say, "Hi, Thea," in that cheesy AA-parody voice.)

But seriously, he does, and we have this little evening ritual: he gets home first and cleans up after last night's dinner. When I get home, I cook dinner. We eat, and then I take off to the bedroom and my guitar, where I play my little heart out for an hour or so (on a good night), and he camps out at the computer with WoW, where he chats with his fellow guild-members via microphone.

It's a nice habit, with this one odd glitch: his guild-members can hear me playing every time he talks into his microphone. Most of them, apparently, are used to it, and sometimes they'll even ask Mitch to leave his mic on so that I can, apparently, serenade them as they march into battle.

I always find out about this later, and am usually mortified, but flattered.

Occasionally, though, somebody new will join the guild and inevitably they will ask, "Um, who is that singing?"

Pause for a bit of backstory. Mitch's primary character is named Supercrunch, after a particularly tasty burrito served at a "Mexican" restaurant where Mitch worked while I was in college (all of his characters are named after food, I don't know why).

So, the new guys asks, "Who is that singing?" and before Mitch gets a chance to answer, one of the other guys interjects, "That's Mrs. Crunch."

I take it as a compliment.

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