The first review of one of my shows...

...was written by my brother. A bit biased, yes, but dang if it ain't sweet. Here it is:

I think God messed up on my sister.

Okay, well he didn't mess up so much in her personality, talent, or integrity, but more on her packaging.

I'm sorry, but she should be fat.

Fat, and huge, and possibly black...well at least Melado.

I can not believe the pipes on this girl.

So for those who don't know, my sister is a musician. She plays guitar, sings, and stomps on a little tambourine with her foot all at the same time. There have been times where she's also been known to tickle the ivories, rock the bass, and bust out on the egg shaker. But nowadays she seems to be investing the majority of her energy into the first three, and I am consistantly amazed at the her talent.

Since moving to Bellingham for the summer I have become a groupie for my sister. Playing in coffee shops, market places, and any other venue where the owner has heard her play because, honestly, that's all it takes for them to want to book her. I can only imagine what would happen if P. Diddy heard her. He'd want a reality show like *that. 'Course she'd have to ho it up a little.

But I digress.

She's been doing these shows and I think I've been to all but one of them and I am astonished at how EVERY time she plays she performs better and better. Integrating finger snaps, guitar drumming, and any other number of auxilary instruments into her performance, you can hear her songs evolve each time she plays them. I can barely talk on my cell phone and walk at the same time (without seious complications), let alone sing, strum, stomp, and snap all at once. It's incredible.

So at last night's show at the Three Trees Coffee house (not the most performance condusive atmosphere, because while they did have a stage, some people *cou-employees-gh* didn't seem to think it was appropriate to censor the volume of their voices while in a tiny room with a live performer), she rocked the house with an hour and fifteen minute long set that sent a man back to Chigaco with a new found appreciation for the Bellingham music scene, left a coffee shop owner feeling like the next big live venue producer, and a family feeling very proud of their little girl (who's actually older than me).

So I'm now going to take it upon myself to relay to all of y'all when my sister's next shows will be because everyone needs to hear this kid. Check out her myspace for a sample (she's my number one...go figure), but you haven't heard anything until you've heard her live.

So while God may have messed up by not making my sister a fat, Melado woman he's certainly made up for it by cramming her tiny frame full of amazing vocal and songwriting talent, and making her one of the coolest people I know.

I leave you now with a list of some of my personal favorite songs of hers (some of which I don't totally know the title to, because it's not like she announces the name of every one before she plays it):

-All is Well
-Gray and Cold
-Red Shoes
-That one about Morgan
-That one about a city
-And there are many, many others, but those are the main favs of mine.

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