49,399 words to go, and I'm home free!

If I'm quiet through the month of November, here's why--I'm busy feeling bad about not writing. Rest assured I'll be back in December with a whole arsenal of odd happenings, but in the meantime, let's just slow this page down and reflect. Talk amongst yourselves and all that.

Oh, and the Black Eyes & Neckties show at the 3B was awesome. I got beer in my hair and a bad cold and the whole shebang (really? Is it actually spelled like that?), and apparently I was one of the only three people on State St. who didn't dress up for Halloween--Sarah and Lyle, my cohorts, being the other two. Ah, well.


that one guy said...

I totally hear you on the "feeling guilty for not writing" thing. It's getting absolutely ridiculous.

Thea said...

Yup. Three days in and already I've awarded myself a day off (slacker!). I keep telling myself that there's a table and a cup o' coffee waiting for me at the Black Drop on Saturday--I've got the whole day off, I'll catch up then--but I'm not sure that'll work.

...if I need to write two pages a day to keep up, and I've only got .5 pages done and I'm two days behind, how many pages do I have to write tomorrow to break even?

But I'm a writer, not a mathematician. Knuckle down!

bugorama said...

i love the new pic!

Thea said...

Thanks! All writerly, isn't it?