Draco Malfoy is a total hottie

I'm leaving (mere minutes from now) to go see The Goblet of Fire.

Positively, I'm giddy.


lace said...

ahhhhh yes he is!!!! finally someone with some sense, lol. i have been saying for years (ok, since the first one came out) that the kid would turn into smokin' joe, but no one seemed to hear or believe me. and did you see him as the little drummer freddy in 'school of rock'? whew!
ok, now that i've revealed yet another level of lacey's lameness...lol.

Thea said...

I don't think I even noticed him in School of Rock--that is so wrong. You know, I thought about trying to find a goofy heart-shaped Draco picture to post on that entry, but was utterly shamed by the high volume of heart-shaped Draco photos available with dorky little 'I love Malfoy' slogans Photo-shopped in over them--speaking of levels of lameness. I felt very lame after all that.