Good day!

Remember those 16 boxes of books? Well, they fetched a whopping $90 worth of trade credit at Michael's Books, and what the good folks at Michael's didn't offer trade for turned up this morning in the free book boxes.


What did I buy with my credit? Try as I might, I only managed to do away with $44 dollars this morning, which means I have $46 left to spend in a liesurely fashion (which will no doubt include a fun day of bookshopping with my dad, who gave me the credit but will have to help me spend it). Today's finds:

  • Par Lagerkvist: The Holy Land
  • E.M. Forester: Howard's End
  • Thomas Merton: Learning to Love (Vol. 6 of Merton's journals)
  • Humphery Carpenter: J.R.R. Tolkien: a biography
  • John Knowles: A Separate Peace
  • Cathleen Medwick: Teresa of Avila
  • -and- the first three books of Brian Jacques's Redwall series.

    Yes, I'll be busy for a while.


    Lord FluffyBunny said...

    Excellent! We'll have to grab coffee and git down to some serious book hunting!

    Thea said...

    Sounds like a plan! I'm excited. We'll have to wait a few weeks for them replenish their stock, though, since I gave my favorite sections a pretty thorough workover today :)

    Ashley said...

    Don't bother looking in the baking section because I snagged all the good ones today.

    Thea said...

    Shoot! I really did want to look at the cookbooks, too, but I was losing steam on Friday :) You'll probably put them to better use than I would, anyway.

    bugorama said...

    howard's end = GOOD!

    have you read 'the stone diaries'? i just picked it up and am loving it. it's different. i don't know. i'm still in the middle. reminds me lots of 'housekeeping' -- it has that deep sensuality mixed with detatched narrator voice. intriguing anyway, if you're still looking for books to buy.