I said "several inches" of snow,

but what I really meant was "ten." Ten inches of snow. In Bellingham. In November. Unheard of!


bugorama said...

Wow! i'm a little jealous. it makes me miss b'ham and its coziness.

but i guess there are advantages to being able to drive and work all the same.

hey: have you read professor lockhart's newest and greatest book? i finished it yesterday. again with the 80s and the midwest etc etc etc. but when the characters weren't spewing nietzsche, it was actually quite interesting at moments. i think the resurrectionists is still the best though. maybe because it felt more new at that time and less raw and awkward than keepers. just a thought.

enjoy the snow!!!!!

p.s. why is the book review stuff missing anything from feb on?

Thea said...

No, I haven't read the new Lockhart novel, though it does look interesting--probably I'll wait til it comes out in paperback and then give it a shot.

As for the book reviews, I'm moving them over to my journal, so as to have one page with everything all together. I think it'll be nicer in the long run, though unfortunately I'm right in the middle of it and I keep hoping that nobody will check my book site for the next day or so until I get everything finished.

We'll be seeing you soon, won't we?