(Credit for this Google escapade must go to The Rogue Blogger, one of my new favorite blogs.)

So I Google'd "Thea is", and came up with:

1. "Thea is wild, driven, solitary, and, finally, magnificent. Yet somehow, her struggle is a universal one."
2. "The time and location of the Quick THEA is subject to change without notice."
3. "Thea is justice-woman. Wow." (I didn't add that--it actually said, "Wow.")
4. "Thea is talking of writing the "giggers guide to music venues" one day"
5. "Thea is a prolific composer — her works include everything from sonatas to operas"
6. "Quick THEA is given about 2-5 times each month—usually on a weekday. Regular THEA is given about 5 times each year—always on Saturday mornings." (Excuse me?)
7. "At this point in the novel, Thea is lost, overwhelmed, and unprepared to pursue these seemingly unsavory men"

And my personal favorite,

"Hedda manipulates Thea into confiding in her, and when she learns that Thea is in love with Løvborg, she lures him back into a relapse of alcoholism." (Mitch says: "Who the hell is Lovborg?!")


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