Book Reviw: STRIP CITY, by Lily Burana

Did you ever want in on a stripper's private thoughts? Nah, me neither. But I've seen the ignorant error of my ways, and now I know better. After reading STRIP CITY, I know much better.

Lily Burana pretty much rocks. Her writing is so snappy, so concise, and her material! My God! I get tingly all the way down to my toes when I come across an author who has great stuff to write about and the skill with which to do it. STRIP CITY, subtitled "A Stripper's Farewell Journey Across America", follows Burana's pre-nuptial cross-country trek, in which she attempts to lay to rest her stripper history by stripping her way coast-to-coast and living off her wages.

Now, to be honest, I had no idea that strippers could be so, well, literate (oh, my ignorance is raw and bleeding), but there you have it. Half the fun of STRIP CITY was Burana herself, who I wanted desperately to just call and chat with, because she seemed so damn cool. While trying to pick a great stage name, she ran through all kinds of literary references that made my bookworm-heart simply purr, before settling on Barbie Faust.

This is one of those books that I'll plead with you to read (please, please, just do!), because it whipped my snobby little self into shape and I'm guessing that most of us could use at least a sliver of that. Plus it's a rolicking good time.


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