A template adventure

This weekend my accidental mission has been to spruce up my site--and I say "accidental" because I had no intentions of changing anything at the start of the weekend, but...so it goes. After many failed downloads and several encounters with screwy text, I found a darling template (courtesy of Maystar Designs) that I proceeded to hack to bits and pieces, rearrange and change the colors--I added links! And comments! And many other things I've come to know and love!

I rather like it.

Soon, I shall be adding graphics, if I can ever get at Mitch's computer long enough to break into Photoshop (anybody know any good, cheap photo editors for Mac? I need one, badly), and ideally, I'll convince the drop boxes to your left that they do, in fact, want to open the links I've assigned them.

Any help with that one? They worked once, but haven't since, and I love them too much to give up.

But really, what do you think of the new layout? Leave me a comment, let me know! (Of course, that doesn't mean I'll change a thing--ha ha! It's my site, isn't it?)

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