We're all sheep here

So (my husband) Mitch is big on World of Warcraft--sort of like I'm big on blogging--and every so often I peek over his shoulder to see what's happening in the big ole world o' Warcraft (which is significantly more entertaining to watch than the world o' blogging).

More often than not, I have no idea what the hell's going on, but I'm impressed as all get out that he can keep track of all those wee buttons and bad guys while also maintaining a bit of dialogue with the other players--my video game tactic has always been press buttons! Madly!

Long story short, the other night I poked my nose in about the time that some other guy turned Mitch's character into a sheep. A sheep!

"Damn," Mitch said wearily, "he turned me into a sheep."

"He can do that? Really?" I gasped. "That's the coolest thing ever!"

"Yeah," he sighed, "that spell's called 'crowd control'."


Guido said...

Now imagine - there are people who are both big on blogging and big on World of Warcraft :-P - that sure does take a lot of time ;-)

Thea said...

Man, I can barely leave the house as it is...I can only imagine!

Rogue said...

Hahaha, I'M one of those people...*sigh* I told you I had no life.

Thea said...

Well, the only reason I'm still able to leave the house at all is because books are portable. 'Tis a sad thing, but true.