It's possible I might start purring

Introducing Gunner & Sparrow, a little brother and sister who now live with us. Hoorah! He's the solid gray one, she's the calico--they're fifteen weeks old and roughly the size of, say, my forearm. No, smaller--more like from my elbow to my wrist, and they have matching white feet, which is more than I can handle, really. If I say the word "cute" one more time today, I just might explode.


Anonymous said...

hurrray.. what little darlings. Little kittens are hard to be.. they're great entertainment. Congrats. AZMom

Rogue said...

Hey! You have the same copy of "Till We Have Faces" as I do!

*pets kitties*

Lord FluffyBunny said...

What happened to Frick and Fracka?