All's quiet on the home front, sir

Well, I'll hang my head sheepishly and admit that I've failed you. Long gaps between entires, and then when I do post (rarely), the entries are quick and beefed-up with photos--nothing of the rambling, several screens-long posts I boasted of two months ago...


I can at least claim that NaNoWriMo ate up my November--as well as a significant portion of my writerly brain, and nearly all of my annual word count alotment (allotment? Wow, NaNo ate up my spelling brain, too)--and then there were, um, Christmas-y family things happening in December, so I was left, essentially without those three, crucial, blogging ingredients: inspiration, motivation and time.

But enough excuses. Really. Now I'll say some funny things.

Like this: pumpkin. Pumpkin isn't so much a funny thing as it is a funny word, but I like it all the same. Pumpkin. And "bunny". That's a good one, too.

Speaking of bunnies, on New Year's Eve, Mitch and I bought our first pets as semi-competent adults, and right now they're running circles 'round my computer chair, wrestling each other with their little needle-sharp kitten claws and making cute, angry cooing noises. In case you missed the last entry (I think I might start purring), we got kittens. And they're precious. And funny. It's a non-stop cuteness channel at our house these days as Gunner and Sparrow run amok in our apartment, pouncing on play mice, each other, and our toes, fingers, legs, faces and backs.

Like I said, precious.

In other news, I saw Serenity finally, and That One Guy was right--I was so, so wrong to have waited this long. Serenity is amazing. Stop reading this right now and go see it. Unless you want to watch the series, Firefly, first (which I would recommend)--then you can go do that.

Also, for an amusing anecdote, I'll share this: last night, I hopped on the bus after work, and the driver was sitting in his seat, looking all cozy and reading while he waited at my stop (back story: I ride a bus that is significantly influenced by whether or not Western is in session. When it's not, I often have the bus all to myself, and, because he only stops once or so per route when there aren't any students, the driver generally waits at my stop for ten minutes before take off to get back on schedule).

I sat down, took my book out and settled in to read for a few minutes, when the driver stood up and did a quick sweep of the bus to check for trash. Noticing the cover of my book (A People's History of the Unites States, by Howard Zinn), he chuckled to himself, grabbed his book and held it up so I could see, then asked, "So? How you do like it?"

Because, ha! We were reading the same book! Only two people on the whole bus, and we were reading the same book! Seriously. Weird.


Rogue said...

Helly Lovely Thea,
I just wanted to let you know that all my blog notification subscribers' email addresses got deleted when I upgraded. And I'm totally not trying to be pushy...but if you want to be update you will have to go back and re-sign up at my book site. Sorry for the inconvenience! I hope you're having a lovely... *checks watch* Friday! :)

Thea said...

Thank you, dear--I'm on my way over right now! And here I thought you were just being quiet...