Fixin' to get fixed

Oh boy. Our kitties are fresh back from the vet, where they got their kitten-making parts removed, and the anethesia has yet to wear off. Since the lady recommended that we keep them in separate rooms 'til the kitties get their sea-legs back (our apartment only has two rooms), I'm holed up in the bedroom with Sparrow, while Gunner and Mitch hang out in the living room, chasing toy mice and computer animated orcs, respectively. Sparrow's flight pattern looks a bit like this: step - step - weave - step - step - stumble. Lots of mewling and mild crashes ensue. Watching her makes me feel all sad inside.

In other news, I finally (finally! Ha ha! Victory is mine) got my replacement iPod. In what I hope is the last chapter of a lengthy saga, I'm stepping back up from my 6 GB mini to a full-blown 20 GB (3rd generation) studmuffin of an iPod. At last. At last.


that one guy said...

Hey, not sure if I've heard of this iPod saga... did your mini die? I had mine for a year now and it still performs beautifully. However, I'm wondering if I should be getting the battery replaced soon - it still hold about a 3 to 4 hour charge, but I haven't heard how quickly they can die. So, basically, are there things (in your experience) that I should be looking for?

Thea said...

Ha ha! Batteries. Psh. No, I had a 20G 3rd generation, and the battery life slowly dwindled to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Suddenly the battery had run all the way down, and I couldn't charge the iPod at all. I basically had no iPod to speak of, since I couldn't listen to it or charge it or get my computer to recognize it, and because my entire music library was stashed on my iPod (my iPod being 20G, and my laptop being only 10), I lost the majority of my music as well.

Since the iPod was nearly two years old, and therefore out-of-warranty, I figured I was basically screwed.

I applied to participate in a lawsuit against Apple for their failing batteries, but I never heard back about it. So I waited around for, oh, months, and heard nothing--in the meantime, I bought a mini off a friend and at least had some music to console me.

But apparently this battery thing is a common problem, because Apple has an Out-of-Warranty Battery Replacement Program--send 'em $70, and your iPod, and they send you a replacement.

My advice: if your iPod is still under warranty (under 1 year old), ask them to replace it for free--they should.

If your iPod is over 1 year old and therefore out-of-warranty, ask me and I'll send you the link to the replacement program site. They consider a battery that holds a charge for less than 4 hours "failed."

You kind of have to squeeze your way in between the cracks to make this happen, but it can be done.

(I told you it was a lengthy saga.)