Who gives a crap about football?

Oh, wait. I actually sort of do. Call me fickle, or fair-weather, or what have you, but I kind of like the Seahawks now that they're really, truly in the Superbowl.

For the first time. Ever. (Right?)

And, in the Superbowl, they'll be playing the Steelers, the only other team whose name I actually know. Why do I know the Steelers? Because my step-mom's from Pittsburgh, and she's been a dedicated Steelers fan since way back when--coats, beer mugs, Terrible Towels, you name it. We've got the paraphenalia somewhere.

I don't think it matters much that I can't tell a regular down from a touchdown. I'm excited.


that one guy said...

I know. I, too, am rather shell-shocked. This is beyond "when pigs fly" - if I made a list of ten things that were absolutely impossible, the Seahawks making it to the Superbowl would definitely be on there.


Anonymous said...

Not much of a football fan here either, but it is rather nice to see the hometown boys finally make it to the SuperBowl. Yet, whether they win or not doesn't matter.. they made it farther than they've made it before, I think. pssttt.. go Seahawks.
Give those grandkitties and your hubby a squeeze for me, and here's one for you too *hug*
Love AZMom

Rogue said...

I like football. But only if I can watch it on Tivo so I have my choice as to what commercials I watch and can fast forward through the boring parts - only watching the sections where the ball is actually in play. :)

Thea said...

I have to admit, I usually have no idea what's happening. When we watched the playoffs at my mom's house, I ended up reading through most of the game. I did try, but seriously--to much stopping of the clock, I think. TiVo would be nice.

The commercials can be pretty funny, though.

that one guy said...

A book and a football game is a perfect match, in my opinion - you can read during the boring parts (ie, most of the game) and just quickly glance up whenever something exciting happens. :) Just make sure to say, "Whoa, that play was awesome!" once in a while so the rest of the people there think that you're actually watching it. ;)