Book Review: SAFEKEEPING, by Abigial Thomas

Yup, it's a pretty little memoir, subtitled "Some True Stories From a Life", which I personally think is a terribly vague subtitle, but of course that's just me. It's not my book.

The book is a collection of lovely scenes about a woman growing up, getting married several times, raising children, grandchildren, baking cakes and so on. It's nice. I'm not suited to review this book, though, because I read so many memoirs in college (I know, I use this excuse often) that I find myself sometimes hating them. And I'm not really a "hater", if you know what I mean.

I'm not sure, honestly, why I bought this book. I think I hoped it would redeem memoirs for me. I don't think it did. But! If you like memoirs, and aren't as embittered toward the form as I am, then by all means, this is a good one. Little nuggets of truth harvested from "a life." I'll even give you my copy.


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