So long, 2006!

(I'm publishing this early because I'll be in Arizona for New Year's, so here it is. Also, here is last year's post. Looking back, I realize that Arrested Developement made both lists--not that I'm obsessive, really.)

This year I'm thankful for (in no particular order):

  • Oikos! And the delightful experience of (at last) being a member of a church body

  • four years of marvellous marriage (to the most magnificent Mitch)

  • creme brulee from the Mount Bakery (served at the Temple Bar)

  • Carina Round, The Disconnection

  • my family, who is made up of very neat people that I love more and more all the time

  • Arrested Development

  • Monday nights at Boundary Bay, dancing to the Gallus Brothers

  • contacts! (Goodbye, glasses)

  • the blessing of playing shows, and writing songs, and hanging out with people who play good music

  • shopping at Goodwill

  • my little bro, who periodically calls in the middle of the night to tell me that he loves me

  • the motivation to actually read the Bible, and to really study and learn tons

  • double tall americanos (black) from Caffe Adagio

  • Jonathan Foer at Village Books, and the brilliant things he said about writing and art

  • our cats, who make me laugh but who are excellent at snuggling

  • Greg Brown at the Nightlight, and that awesome rendition of "Evening Call"

  • four hour evenings at the Temple Bar with Morgan

  • origami boxes, origami paper

  • baking, and those amazing macaroons that Ashley made with bitter caramel buttercream filling

  • riverboating in Missouri (turtles! turkey vultures!)

  • The Black Keys, Rubber Factory

  • learning "Hallelujah" on the guitar

  • and yes, my new Kitchenaid mixer. It's amazing.

    Anonymous said...

    Lol, the title of your post really confused me. I'm that tired from the holidays...that I actually thought we were going into 2008. Eesh.

    Ashley said...

    Yes! I made it to the list.... well, my macaroons did. Happy New Year's!! Have fun in Arizona.

    Thea said...

    Apparently I actually thought we were going into 2008, too. Shoot. At my job we've been writing 2007 on stuff for six months, so maybe I'm just ready to be done with it already?

    Yes, Ashley, those macaroons were memorable! And I've eaten a lot of sweet stuff in my day :)

    About Arizona? You'll hear plenty when I return.