A good trip, though sadly eventful

It began well enough. Mitch's mom and her boyfriend recently bought a house in an "active adult community," so we spent the first few days of our stay in Arizona helping them get set up in the their new home and tooling around the new, unfinished community in golf carts. We ate lunch at the clubhouse, toured the new, unfinished Sports Center and walked through finished, fully-furnished models of the model homes (decorated in charming, if slightly ridiculous, themes).

Here is a picture of a sunset, taken from the back step of the new house:

Here is a picture of Mitch's mom, Teresa, and I, baking snickerdoodles and pretending that we're on a cooking show:

All was lovely and sunny and happy until New Year's Day, at approximately 12:15 am, when I woke up suddenly and spent the rest of the night on the bathroom floor. As it turns out, I came down with a bad flu that kept me in bed for all of Monday (I am prone to exaggeration, I know, but this is absolutely not an exaggeration--I was weak and feverish and made it out of bed once, the entire day, to go to the bathroom) and a good part of Tuesday. By Wednesday I was up and moving, though not quite at full speed, and Mitch and I set off in a borrowed car to visit some friends in Globe, AZ.

Here is a picture of Globe, taken through the window of the old courthouse, which has now been converted into an art center:

Our Globe friends recently opened a coffee shop, so we spent a good part of the time sitting around at the coffee shop, drinking coffee and visiting or sitting around at their house, playing Guitar Hero (or watching Dora the Explorer with their adorable daughter) and visiting. The night that we spent in Globe was the night of the full moon, so when I woke up in the wee hours to use the restroom (our guest room was not attached to the main house), I had the distinct pleasure of walking through the backyard in the blazing moonlight, with all the constellations in full view.


Here is a photo of Dezi, who opened the coffee shop, who also married Mitch and me four years ago:

Here is a photo of me watching Dora the Explorer with Laura and her daughter, Eowyn:

...and here is a pretty picture of Austin, Laura, Eowyn and I walking off into the Arizona sunset:

We drove back to Mitch's mom's on Thursday night and stayed there until this morning, when we drove, flew and shuttled our way back to the hotel where we'd parked our car for the week only to find...

...that our car had been stolen.

Here is a photo of my sad face:

If anyone sees a dejected-looking Subaru wagon wandering the streets of SeaTac, please tell it to call home--we miss it dearly. We spent the evening talking to the hotel staff, the police, my parents and the Airporter Shuttle before finally managing to make it, at last, home.

Here we are. We're glad to be here. Even if Armand, Subaru of the Night (as he was fondly called) cannot be with us.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! How sad! You are the third person I've heard to have their car stolen from SeaTac over the holidays. They might need to step up their security a little bit on the outside and not just the inside...
How did you like Guitar Hero? My husband is completely addicted to that game!

stickman said...

Well, we mainly just ooed and awed at Austin's 1337 Guitar Hero skills.

When Thea and I were given the helm, there was lots of cursing and things of that nature. Apparently it isn't as easy as it looks.

Oh well, I will just have to pick up a vintage PS2 and get to practicing.

Thea said...

Rogue, meet Stickman, my husband. Now you're formally (cyberly?) introduced.

Yeah, I've been hearing about a lot of cars stolen from SeaTac over the last month. I suppose that's a trend I'd be happy to have been exluded from, but oh well...so it goes. Hopefully we hear something soon.