Warm and fuzzy

Since the news broke about our stolen car, I've been humbled by the response from the folks at Oikos: at least five people have offered to let us borrow their cars, either indefinately or on an as-needed basis, and plenty more have offered us rides, whenever we need them. Still more have come forth with offers to help in any way they can.

We keep asking ourselves what it is we need to learn through all this, but maybe it's as simple as learning to accept help when we really do need it, though I'm sure there's plenty more to be learned as well--how little we need our possessions, but how much we rely on them, for example. How stupidly attached to them we become. I don't miss having a car nearly as much as I miss having our car. Alas.

But thank you everyone, for all your help already. It's good to know we're so completely surrounded by wonderful people.


Ashley said...

Although our wheels are nothing compared to the racing car-esk ones that adorned your sweet ride... if you are ever feeling saddened by the loss of your ever dependable Subaru just know that it's twin is ready and able to take you for a ride at any time.
I'm so sorry... sorry for your loss and sorry that I haven't contacted you sooner with our apologies. I can't wait to catch up soon.

Thea said...

Aw, thank you! I hope your car isn't too heartbroken about its twin going missing. How did the wedding show go? And no worries, of course, about the belated apologies :) There needs to be a pumpkin latte in the near future, wouldn't you say?