Who's excited? Me! Me! I am! I'm excited!

Yup, I'm excited. Why? Well, because today I met with the good folks of Murder Mountain Records, a local record label based less than, say, twenty blocks from my apartment, about recording a CD with their help, in their studio.

What does that mean? A whole week in April, spent in the company of microphones, musicians and people who actually know what the heck to do with a mixing board. Sounds lovely, it really does.

I can't wait.

Til then, watch out. I might sideline you with some scheme to make you play a random instrument on my CD--or, you might not be able to find me at all. I might be holed up in my apartment with my 4-track, my guitar and my notebook, composing ridiculously elaborate versions of five songs of my choice.

Which leads me to my next question: any suggestions? Any songs you've been itching to listen to on a spiffy compact disc? Comment. Let me know.

And yes, Morgan's song will be on there. That's the plan, so far.

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AZMom said...

Wonderful news, Thea... keep us posted.... Brrrrr!... it's cold and wet here.