I like to play

Last night, my dear friend Shawnee rocked Fantasia Coffee & Tea with her acoustic guitar and her pretty, pretty voice, and I went and watched her do it. Today, thoroughly motivated, I wrote another song (I've been a songwriting fiend lately, and it feels SO GOOD), and then I sauntered down to Mojo Music to drool over guitars.

When the Mojo guys came by to ask if I needed any help, I sighed and said, "No thanks, I'm drooling." So true. Those suckers (Martin acoustic-electrics, I'd take any shape or size) are expensive. We're talking thousands.

My bubble is currently busted.

But, last night my other dear friend Morgan--who has been my one-person fan club since high school and who is leaving for Chile on Monday, not to return until December--told me that, when she comes back, she expects me to be having a show somewhere.

A show? Me?

My current plan, since I've been irritating my neighbors plenty by playing my white girl brand of folk-blues, or what have you, at full volume, is to record some songs on Mitch's nifty new sound card and post them here for downloadability. I've done it once before, many years ago, and I'm sure I can figure out how to do it again.

I am rambling. But I've been playing and singing and loving it all so much that I cannot contain myself (the other night I played so hard I made myself bleed. It was so cool), and watching Shawnee play in a real live show motivated me in some obscure direction... If I had a few less hobbies, I might make something of one of them--writing, playing, making jewelry, painting.

Oh, there is never enough time.

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