What I say when I'm sick of talking about feelings

For some reason, I'm feeling prone to self-reflection right now, and since it bores the hell outta me to read overly introspective rants on other peoples' sites, I figured I'd spare you and focus instead on this single, indisputable fact:

I ran 2.3 miles today.

I just walked in the door feeling triumphant, like an animal, having beaten my previous record of 2.0 without even batting an eyelash. I own these sidewalks, they're mine now. That's right.

I'm sweaty, and I'm feeling pretty good. You don't need any more than that, do you?

(Yeah, okay. Two miles isn't much in the land of Serious Runners, but I beat my record, and that's enough for me.)


MsT said...

2.3 miles is outstanding!
What an accomplishment.

How long have you been running?


Thea said...

Well, I ran a lot last summer-winter-spring, but kind of slacked off this summer. I only picked it up again this last month and by then I was Out of Shape, big time--I've been working my way back to fitness 1/4 mi. at a time (baby steps!)...