Oh no, they didn't! (But yes, they did)

While browsing through People magazine, I happened upon a full-page advertisement for a new made-for-TV movie. Some choice text from the ad:

It wasn't such a good thing.
Cybill Shepherd is MARTHA BEHIND BARS.
Domestic diva cleans toilets!
Martha teaches her cellmates arts and crafts!
Jailhouse tart baked with apples of shame!

Yup. Complete with photos of Cybill/Martha looking pensive as she gazes through thick cell bars at the camera.

I am not joking.


bugorama said...

that's disguistingly fast. and stupid.

i love martha, despite all my knowledge of her badness (i read a scathing unauthorized biography once). but there's something about that woman.

Thea said...

Did they start writing the script before or after the verdict was out?

That's what I want to know.